UMC Budget Update 7.7.17

University Medical Workers (UMC) workers – nursing assistants, environmental service workers, surgical technicians and others – are joining together in SEIU Texas to have a voice in patient care and job improvements. We join other El Paso hospital workers at Providence Memorial Hospital, Del Sol and Las Palmas Medical Centers who are already united in SEIU Texas to fight for quality care for all El Pasoans and a better future for our families.

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In 2015, we spoke up at the hospital’s budget hearings for better pay and the hospital raised the minimum wage to $10 an hour. That was a big step forward, but that’s not enough to keep our co-workers from leaving for higher paying jobs.

As county officials consider UMC’s budget priorities for the next fiscal year—including a meager 1.5% merit increase only some of us will receive—UMC employees are proposing our Quality Care Agenda:

  • Ensure high quality care and healthy patients by creating a health and safety committee where workers meet with managers and have real input into the improvements UMC needs.
  • Invest in competitive pay to keep dedicated UMC workers. Establishing a hospital minimum wage of $10 an hour was a good start but the pay of many UMC employees falls short of other El Paso hospitals.
  • Hear our voices. UMC should follow the lead of the private sector hospitals in El Paso, as well as the city, county, and school districts in having a clear framework for working with union members to improve the hospital.
  • Provide affordable healthcare for ALL El Pasoans. UMC is often the only source of care for uninsured families. We’re joining the Border Network for Human Rights in calling for UMC to create a study committee to ensure access to affordable care for all El Pasoans.


Lend your voice for better lives and better care! 

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