Quality Jobs for Quality Care


Slide1“When we stick together, hospital employees can increase our standard of living while caring for our communities,” said Raul Alaniz, transporter at Rio Grande Valley Medical Center.

Just over three years ago, health care employees came together to form a union with SEIU. Along with workers at other HCA affiliated hospitals in Texas, we negotiated our first contract.

Recently, employees at Rio Grande Valley Medical Center, Corpus Christi Medical Center, and Del Sol & Las Palmas Medical Centers overwhelmingly ratified their second three-year agreement with hospital management. The contract protects workers while ensuring patients continue to receive the highest quality care possible.

The agreement raises wages by 7.25% over three years with an additional 2.5% increase for workers at the bottom of the pay scale, protects healthcare benefits, and provides new protection for employees who may rest at home after contracting an infectious diseases, like the flu, while on the job.

The contract extends to almost 2000 employees represented by SEIU Texas. Employees include service and technical workers that perform a wide range of jobs: cooks, housekeepers, EMT’s, Surgical Technicians, Pharmacy Technicians, Certified Nurse Assistants, X-ray Technicians, and Respiratory Therapists.

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