Immigrant Justice

Keep Our Families Together

1397854_10154066303905720_48823029684982247_oOur country faces a moral crisis. Every day, a broken immigration system painfully divides families, traps students in limbo bearing the weight of anxiety beyond their years, and leads to workers being brutally exploited and relegated to invisibility.

Texas is home to the 2nd largest population of aspiring Americans in the nation. It’s time for Texas’ elected leaders to put aside partisanship games and create real solutions that will bring millions out of the shadows. SEIU Texas has joined forces with a grassroots coalition of labor, community, faith and civil rights groups who are mobilizing voters in support of a commonsense solution to move our state forward.

Together we’re working toward a path to citizenship for 11 million aspiring Americans and an organized, legal system to handle future flow of immigrants to keep our borders safe.


I’m Fasting To Make My Late Mother Proud  – Feb 13, 2014




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