SEIU members in Texas joined thousands of working people across the country to take a stand against right-wing attacks on union rights

SEIU members in Texas joined thousands of working people across the country to take a stand against right-wing attacks on union rights

Workers are making a renewed commitment to strengthen the national labor movement in the midst of corporate sabotage of working-class Americans

Texas—As the Supreme Court heard oral arguments today in the case of Janus vs. AFSCME, SEIU members and allies in Texas and other states held rallies to send a message that regardless of any Supreme Court decision they will remain united because Americans need good, union jobs more than ever.

“As a union, we’ve been able to raise living standards for thousands of people here in Texas,” said Elsa Caballero, president of SEIU Texas. “We’re moving forward with raising pay, improving benefits, and extending workplace protections with quality union jobs even as other employers are working to suppress upward mobility for Texas families. Janus V. AFSCME is nothing more than a corporate scheme to prevent more American workers from getting the union rights they deserve.”

In the lead up to opening arguments at the Supreme Court in the Janus case, members of Texas Organizing Project, Fight for $15, and the Workers Defense Project, as well as members of SEIU Texas, CWA, AFSCME, and other unions rallied at Antioch Missionary Baptist Church in Houston last Saturday to mark the start of a renewed commitment to workers’ rights. They were joined by Congressman Al Green and Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee who spoke about their unwavering support for the Labor Movement as workers resist the right-wing extremism coming from the current administration.

“We’re fighting against a lot of things in this country,” said Congressman Green. “But the president of the United States is the chief obstacle to our success.”

In her remarks, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee made it clear that working people will not give in to the threats posed by the Janus case: “The work of each and every American is a sacred right and opportunity. We should honor it. And the Janus case is full of spite, but we are going to be victorious.”

Hospital workers in El Paso held their own action today outside the Federal courthouse on Magoffin Avenue, calling on all unions to stick together because Janus will impact everyone, even in so-called right-to-work states.

“Janus is not just a case that’s meant to target public employees in the blue states,” said William Luján, a master electrician at Las Palmas Medical Center. “This is a concerted effort by the corporate elites in this country to strip all working people of our voice, to weaken the middle-class, and to eliminate good paying jobs in our communities.”

The rallies that took place in Texas were among hundreds of similar #WeRise actions held by working people across the country on Monday. The protesters vowed to stick together no matter the result of the Supreme Court case and to fight for even more good, union jobs that can provide financial security for families, strengthen communities and and boost the economy.

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