SEIU Texas President’s Statement on TPS Status for Nicaraguan and Honduran Nationals

SEIU Texas is deeply saddened by the Trump Administration’s decision to end Temporary Protected Status for our sisters and brothers from Nicaragua. More than 300,000 other TPS recipients are also at risk of losing their legal status. This includes approximately 60,000 immigrants from Honduras, the country of my birth, whose TPS status was extended an additional six months, leaving thousands of families in limbo.

As Union members, we work side-by-side with men and women from around the world, and this action means that thousands of our fellow members will lose their jobs and ability to live here legally. No one deserves to live under this type of fear and uncertainty, and that is why SEIU Texas is calling on Congress to pass legislation to protect all TPS recipients and their families. We will never give up our fight for justice for working people with TPS as well as for other immigrant communities. Members who are impacted by changes in their TPS status are urged to contact our office at 866-478-0366.

Elsa Caballero, President of SEIU Texas

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