SEIU Texas Applauds Court Decision to Block Texas’ Discriminatory Law SB 4

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Houston, TX—In response to a federal district court ruling in San Antonio that partially blocked the majority of the anti-immigrant and racist provisions of SB 4 from going in to effect on September 1, President of SEIU Texas issued the following statement:

This decision is a huge victory for all working families and immigrant communities in Texas and is particularly important given the fact that many immigrants were very concerned about seeking disaster relief if SB 4 were implemented in full.

“The district court order prevents police from acting as immigration officers, prohibits mandatory ICE detainers in local jails, and allows officials and employees of local governments to speak freely about their beliefs on the best way to handle immigration issues in their communities without fearing SB 4’s penalties. The State of Texas immediately stated that they would be filing an appeal at the 5th Circuit.

“SEIU Texas members—immigrants and native born alike—will continue to take to the streets to resist actions by right-wing extremists in Texas to criminalize immigrants and communities of color and show support for the immigrant families who contribute so much to our communities and our economy.”

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