Congress Must Stop Playing Politics with People’s Lives: SEIU Texas President Elsa Caballero


This morning, the Senate rejected a disastrous bill which would have stripped healthcare coverage away from millions of Americans.

The failed vote occurred after months of backroom dealings, misinformation campaigns by right-wing pundits, and bullying tactics employed by Congressional Republicans and the White House. This historic legislative defeat marks a turning point in the debate over healthcare.

Make no mistake about it. This latest rejection of Trumpcare should not be credited to any single politician hoping to score political points. Reactionary Senators and House members have been pushing “Repeal and Replace” rhetoric for more than seven years. Today, there bluffs were called.

The women and men who marched, made phone calls, rallied, and visited the offices of members of Congress are the true winners today. And we are not finished yet. SEIU members around the country, including those of us in Texas, are on the front lines each and every day in the fight to expand lifesaving care to everyone in our country.

“The American people want a healthcare system that makes sense for working families — not the insurance companies on Wall Street,” said SEIU Texas President Elsa Caballero. “Congress must stop playing politics with people’s lives. It’s time for a bipartisan solution that provides quality, affordable healthcare for all.”

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