SEIU Texas Mourns for the Victims of Last Weekend’s Tractor Trailer Incident


U.S.-Mexico Border Fence (Mexican Side). Photos by Francisco A. Lomelí.

The members of SEIU Texas are deeply saddened by the news that several people have died and many more were severely injured in San Antonio at the hands of ruthless human smugglers who transported them under unsafe conditions.

Our hearts go out to all the families that are affected by this tragedy.

Incidents like these are the result of our country’s broken immigration system and unfair trade policies which destabilize communities south of the border and push migrants into the grips of criminal organizations that prey on innocent victims facing desperate financial circumstances who want nothing more than to provide for their loved ones.

Uncompassionate legislation peddled by mean-spirited politicians promote an environment of hostility toward immigrants who are already among our society’s most vulnerable people.

Here in Texas, the passage of SB 4 has turned our state into one of the most anti-immigrant zones in the nation. Local law enforcement agencies throughout Texas all stated that SB 4 would be harmful and unnecessary. They neither asked for the bill nor lobbied on its behalf because they know that SB 4 will make it harder to fight crime by discouraging victims from coming forward.

We must never forget the victims of the event that transpired over the weekend nor the countless others who have lost their lives en route to our country. It’s time for all progressives to strengthen our resolve so that we can fight back at every level against disastrous policies that fuel the exploitation of migrants here at home and around the world.

Elsa Caballero, President of SEIU Texas

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