SEIU City Workers Win Major Budget Victory in San Antonio

Today marked a major victory for city employees in San Antonio. The city council passed a budget for next year that will raise pay, implement new benefits, and even allocate funds for installing much needed street lights in our community.

The new budget will:

  • Set a new minimum wage for employees at $13.75 per hour
  • Raise pay to $15 per hour automatically for all city employees with 10 years or more experience; they will also get a one-time bonus of $300
  • Implement a 1% cost of living adjustment
  • Provide 6 weeks of paid paternity and maternity leave to new parents
  • Give all employees 3 days of wellness/family leave as well as flex time for eligible workers
  • and allocate $1 million for street lights in our city

We accomplished this win by standing together. After months of actions and dialogue with city leaders through the Employee Management Committee, our voices have been heard.

But this campaign to improve working conditions at the city is not over. There is talk at the city to eliminate our current pay plan. That would hurt all workers and our families.

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