UMC Board Adopts Our Plan For $1.5 Million in New Raises

UMC workers won a major victory at the Aug. 9 budget hearing.

When the UMC board put out its first proposed budget for 2017, there were NO competitive pay raises for the many UMC workers who make less than peers doing the same jobs at other El Paso hospitals.

But after SEIU Texas members packed the budget hearing in July the board adopted $1.5 million in new, competitive pay raises in 2017.  

The competitive pay plan is one of the four key items of the Quality Care Agenda that SEIU Texas members are proposing:

• Invest in Competitive Pay – Keep dedicated workers at UMC by raising pay to what workers make at other El Paso hospitals
• Safe and Healthy Hospital – Start a task force where frontline workers get a real voice in improving patient care, staffing, and worker safety.

• Hear Our Voices – Make sure the hospital respects our choice to unite in SEIU.

• Affordable Healthcare for All El Pasoans – We help the administration fulfill

While it’s good news that the UMC Board adopted the competitive pay plan, and increased the “merit” increase to 2.5%, the budget is not yet final–the County Commissioners still need to approve it. SEIU Texas members must also continue to press management to work with us in our union to determine which jobs are furthest behind.

Join UMC workers at the next big budget hearings:

Tues., August 16 and Tues., August 23

El Paso County Courthouse
500 E. San Antonio St.

RSVP Here.


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