Statement on Dallas police shootings from SEIU Texas President, Elsa Caballero

Our hearts go out to the Dallas families who are grieving the loss of a precious member today. The murder of five public servants who were keeping peaceful protesters safe last night was horrific and senseless. We offer support to the Dallas Police Department, Dallas Police Association, DART, and peaceful Texans who were exercising their right to protest in search of a safer society and an end to racism.

This week has been incredibly difficult for our country. Too many good lives have been lost. Many of us may feel overwhelmed and afraid of political landmines. The truth is fighting to end racism and respecting hardworking police officers are not mutually exclusive actions. Whether you are a police officer guarding lives during a protest or a young black man out for a drive with your family, you deserve to live.

When we hear reports of officers cheerfully taking pictures with protesters moments before shots were fired, it becomes easier to imagine working together to reach a solution.

We will always remember Alton Sterling, Teamster brother Philando Castile, Officer Brent Thompson, Officer Patrick Zamarripa, and the other three unreleased names killed yesterday and vow to work to overcome divisions.

-Elsa Caballero, SEIU Texas President


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