Statement on Orlando Shooting

Since the events of June 13th, the SEIU family in Texas has been mourning the abhorrent loss of life in Orlando. While nothing will ever replace the vibrant lives taken by hatred, we hope the outpouring of support across the country can be a source of some comfort for the LGBTQ and LatinX communities.

Even in 2016, being out and fighting to love in the open is an act of bravery, but it should not be. We owe it to these 49 women and men and all we have lost to gun violence and bigotry to not only mourn, but to act.

Far too often, divisive politicians have used LGBTQ Americans and LatinX immigrants as scapegoats to mask intolerance. We cannot allow the same to be done to the Muslim community. Hatred cannot be rooted out with hatred. Instead, our nation must implement sensible gun control measures so that these tragedies can finally end.

-Elsa Caballero, SEIU Texas President

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